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Dansk statestik: Muslimer langt mere kriminelle

Former chief of Danish Statistics concludes that immigrants from countries with Buddhist culture are much more easy to integrate than Muslim immigrants. Besides the violent jihad, political jihad and demographic jihad, I think it is fair to speak of welfare jihad: Muslims' destruction of Western societies by draining their welfare systems by systematical fraud and unending demands for social benefits - or jizya as it is called in the Quran (Muslims' right to get money through tax paid by non-Muslims).

a) Crime index for men in Denmark aged 15-79:
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b) Employment index for Danes and immigrants


Danes: 73 percent

Thailand: 63 percent.

Vietnam: 61 percent.

China: 56 percent.

Turkey: 51 percent.

Pakistan: 49 percent.

Iraq: 34 percent.

Lebanon: 32 percent.

Somalia: 27 percent."

c) 2nd generation 218 percent more criminal than 1st generation (Muslim) immigrants

"The statistics shows that 24 percent of the 20-29 year old male descendants of non-Western immigrants was found guilty of one or more crimes in 2012. The corresponding figure for first generation immigrants and persons of Danish origin were respectively 11 and 10 per cent."

Ytringsfrihed i Canada: 9 måneders fængsel for at fornærme islam

If there is anything that should be prosecuted for hate, it should be the Quran. You are invited to write letters to Canadian newspapers. You are welcome to feel inspired by my letter to The Star - but please use your own words: "Sir, the court's decision to jail Eric Brazau for insulting Islam and Muslims is shocking and a direct attack on the human right of free speech. What the Quran says about non-Muslims, and orders Muslims to do to us, is far more hateful and violent than anything mr. Brazau said or wrote, which is the reason why Islam is the only religion that makes its followers increasingly violent, the more they practise their faith. While spreading the misogynic, intolerant and violent message of Muhammed is legal, warning against it is not. We live in mad times."

Billede indsat i tekst 1
(Eric Brazau, free speech activist)

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(Eric Brazau, carrying a sign quoting the Quran 4:34, that orders Muslim husbands to beat their disobedient wifes)

Billede indsat i tekst 3
(Eric Brazau making fun of funny Muslim dresses)

Billede indsat i tekst 4
(Eric Brazau being arrested)

"Protester gets 9 months for promoting hatred against Muslims ... Brazau handed out the flyer, which contained many offensive references to Islam and Muslims, in August and September 2012. While distributing it, Brazau sometimes yelled obscenities about Islam 'in a tone of voice that suggested he was very angry and had little interest in debate,' Clements said."

Frankrig: Hvide tæskes offentligt, flere og flere lovløse zoner. Frankrig på vej mod borgerkrig?

PARIS -- Violent crime can happen anywhere and to anyone and for many reasons, but in Muslim-controlled parts of France, it has become especially dangerous to be white.
Surveillance camera video shows white French being beaten up by predominantly Muslim immigrant gangs in the Metro and on the street.
Islamic immigrants consider it their territory and whites enter at their own risk. The French call them "sensitive urban zones" -- no-go zones where the police don't enter or don't enforce the law.
Some call them little Muslim caliphates inside the borders of France.
"And it's like that because these parts of the country are in the hands of drug traffickers, gangs and imams [Islamic leaders]," French commentator Guy Milliere explained.
A French report says almost 1 in 5 French have been victims of racist insults or worse. A few cases have even gone to trial.
"Some of those who launch racist attacks on whites use Islam as the reason they do it. They may not even speak Arabic, but they still use Islam as a 'flag,'" Tarik Yildiz, a French sociologist, said.
Yildiz, author of the book, Anti-White Racism, is not native French but is the son of Turkish immigrants.
"My book is viewed as politically incorrect and breaks a taboo: the idea that immigrants could oppress whites," Yildez said.
Generation Identitaire Defense
It's a reality for a Frenchman named Max, who asked that CBN News not use his last name.
He's been attacked more than once by immigrants and still has a bruise under one eye from the latest attack when we interviewed him.
He's joined Generation Identitaire, a youth movement united around the defense of French culture and white identity.
"(Generation Identitaire) is a youth organization which seeks to protect our local, national and European identities," Max said.
Generation Identitaire members train in self-defense.
"We encourage all our members and militants to keep a certain level of physical fitness. Self-defense is a part of it, obviously," Max said.
A France Divided
As the French Left's grand experiment in multiculturalism goes up in in the flames, some quarters of French society are dividing into tribalism and ethnic identity.
At a Paris café, CBN News discussed the problem with anti-Islamization activists Pierre Cassen, of the website Riposte Laique, and Christine Tasin of Résistance Républicaine.
"The French people are increasingly living in fear.  They fear the imposition of Islamic law and the organized violence against any French person, including the police," Cassen said.
"More and more Islamists threaten riots, assault, and try to impose Sharia (Islamic law). They attack the police," Tasin added. 
"The republic is in danger," Tasin warned.
Generation Identitaire members now go out on a security patrols.
CBN News asked Yildiz if, by pretending there isn't a problem, the French establishment and media are only helping to ensure that more native French will seek out groups like Generation Identitaire for protection.
"Exactly," he replied. "If the state will not punish these people and the media will not talk about it, the victims will get increasingly frustrated and become racist and we will have a confrontation."
The French Left's Lifeline
But not only is the problem being largely ignored, the French Left and many mayors actively promote the growth and spread of sectarian Islam, for their own good reason: Muslims have become an important constituency of the Left.
In fact, 93 percent voted for socialist President Francois Hollande in the last election.
Former Muslim Pascal Hilout took CBN News to a mosque in the Paris district of Barbes that the city government of Paris is paying to renovate.
The name of the mosque is in Arabic, so perhaps the French don't realize that they're paying to renovate a mosque named "Conquest" (Al-Fath).
Hilout said the mosque is like a separate nation inside France: "Lebanonization," Hilout called it.
"The lebanonization or balkanization of France is beginning already with the help of the state of France," he said.
"Lebanon" is a word many use to describe France's future as a divided nation gripped by sectarian conflict.
"The French feel out-numbered, out-maneuvered and in the minority," Cassen told CBN News. "If things continue at this rate, we will have the same situation as in Kosovo or Lebanon…civil war.
Cassen, Tasin and Hilout all face court charges for hate speech

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Danmark: Løgn bag racismeanklager

The report comes at the same time as EU also published a report demanding more Islam-critics to be punished. It is quite Orwellian, how commissioner for Human Rights these days demand punishment for speakning one's opinion...

"Hate speech and Islamophobia are widespread in public and political debate, "and not enough people are prosecuted for racism", concludes commissioner Nils Muiznieks of the European Counsil for Human Rights, in a report on Denmark. 

The Council of Europe calls Islamophobia and hate speech for 'widespread' in the Danish debate, but the conclusions in the report is criticised for being poorly documented ... 

...the conclusion is based on several errors and questionable interpretations and outdated cases, concludes an analysis done by Jyllands-Posten. In one case, Muizniek has used a letter to the editor from Pia Kjaersgaard written in 2003. ..."
Michael Aastrup Jensen, member of the Parliamentary Assembly in the Counsil of Europe: "There is no doubt in my mind that he had written the conclusion in advance and then tried to find some facts, while in Denmark. Therefore he tries to scratch 10 year old small items together to paint this picture."

Svensken en uddøende race ?

Graphic is from the highly respected Affes Statistic-blogg, and shows how the original Viking population is replaced with foreigners, primarily Muslims. Sweden has 9 million citizens:

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Østrig: Laver lov der respektere sharia

"The Austrian Islam Act ( 1912) should be amended, on the initiative of Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz. The renewal of the oldest Islamic Law in Western Europe is to take precedence over Austrian state law. The "Dialogue with Islam" initiative was started by Kurz during his time as Secretary of State Integration is to lay the ground for the new law. This dialogue involves talks with radical Muslims such as as applicable IGGiÖ result (Islamic Religious Community in Austria ) about how rights and obligations for Muslims in Austria should be defined in the future. In short, Islamists are invited to participate in writing the law.

Sebastian Kurz claims that this step is taken to counteract interference from abroad, as Imams are to be trained exclusively at Austrian universities, and it will be discussed how Islamic inititatives are funded from abroad. The law is also to ensure that Islamic traditions are followed concerning holidays and funerals, and that Imams can provide spiritual guidance in prisons, hospitals and in the army."

Anti-Wilders demonstranter flagre med jihad banneret

I am surprised that the Wilders critics did not either kick out the jihadis - the new Nazis of Europe - from the demonstration or simply left the demonstration. It is a scandal how Wilders' critics does not mind giving a platform to people supporting jihad!

"The so-called anti-discrimination demonstration in Amsterdam was visited by Jew-hateing Muslim extremists. Here are some pictures from the demonstration:

Billede indsat i tekst 1

Billede indsat i tekst 2
("Wilders, hand of Israel")

Billede indsat i tekst 3

Some extremists also brought a jihad flag...

At the same time Mayor Eberhard van der Laan said that he found it heartening how Dutch reacted to Wilders "controversial" comments about "fewer Moroccans." Strange, as the banners and flags shown at the demonstration is not exactly "heartwarming." In fact, I felt chills down my spine when I saw them."

England sætter terror-undersøgelse igang om Det Muslimske Broderskab

The Obama-supported Morsi - now ousted by Egyptian secular forces quoted the Muslim Brotherhood's motto: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is "a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization" The Obama administration provided members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood with VIP treatment at JFK airport and exempted them from extra security screening, and cut military aid to Egypt when Morsi was removed...

"David Cameron has ordered Whitehall officials to launch an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood – drawing on assessments by MI5 and MI6. ...

A Downing Street spokesman told the Times: "The Muslim Brotherhood has risen in prominence in recent years but our understanding of the organisation, its philosophy and values, has not kept pace with this. Given the concerns about the group and its alleged links to violent extremism, it's absolutely right and prudent that we get a better handle of what the Brotherhood stands for, how they intend to achieve their aims and what that means for Britain."

THE PROJECT: Rigtig fin dokumentar om det muslimske broderskabs forsøg på at overtage verden.

onsdag den 2. april 2014

Europæriske muslimer skal vise deres vær ved at halshugge vantro i slagtehuse for mennesker

Deutsche Salafisten in Syrien: Islamisten planen offenbar Anschlag . Selbsternannte Dschihadisten der Al-Nusra-Front nahe Aleppo. Auch junge Deutsche reisen nach Syrien um die Rebellen zu unterstützen (Quelle: Reuters)

"The Bremen prosecutor is working on a case against four suspected Syrian Salafists. They are suspected of "preparing for a serious subversive crime" reports Spiegel. Meanwhile, cruel details about alleged introduction rituals for Jihadis in "slaughter houses" have come to light. ...

Foreign fighters are forced to cut the throat of prisoners in order to prove themselves as real jihadists. 

Some Islamic groups in the Syrian civil war keps prisoners of war in the so-called slaughterhouses."

Tyskland: Domer giver lettere dom i sag om æresdrab, grundet religiøs og kulturel baggrund

"In February 2013 a German-Afghan killed his 22-year-old ex-girlfriend and her unborn baby because she did not want an abortion. A court in Wiesbaden sentenced the man to life in prison. The judge denied to convict the man of severe gravity of guilt" (which makes it more difficult to apply for parole) due to the cultural and religious background of the man. The judge's decission has reawakened the debate on "cultural discount" in connection with "honor killings"."

Muslimer overrepresenteret i engelske fængsler

"Data collected by lawyer and shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan revealed that even though Muslims made up just 12% of the population of London, they made up for 27% of the city's prison population.

Furthermore, it was noted that while Muslims in the UK constitute 4.8% of the population according to a 2011 census, 14% of inmates in the country are Muslims. This is up from 6% a decade ago."

Sverige fængsler og tvangsbehandler tegneserietegner for at gøre grin med deres politiske korrekthed

Billede indsat i tekst 2
(Dan Park, now in prison and under psychiatric examination for making fun of political correctness)

"This is the second time Mr. Park has had to answer for denigration. Among his most recent crimes is to have displayed a sign with the text ”Zigenarbrott är något gott” (”Gypsy crime is fine”) and a picture of three African heads with a noose around their neck. The text reads: ”Hang-on Afrofobians”.

According to the prosecutor, this must be seen as clear encouragement to lynch blacks. Dan Park has a different explanation: It is a satirical presentation of reality, precisely because – contrary to claims that Sweden is full of ”Afrophobes” – people of color are not persecuted in Sweden. There are no blacks hanging from the trees in Malmö. Nonetheless the spokesman for the Swedish Afroförbundet (The Association of Africans) claims that Africans are being grievously hounded. This is the hypocrisy Dan Park says he has tried to expose.

Exposure of hypocrisy was also the intention behind the text about Gypsy crime being fine. It is a fine thing for those on the politically correct left whose aim is to benefit by presenting gypsies as unjustly maligned and thus playing the victimization card. ...

Dan Park republished DI’s article on the same day, which caused the prosecutor to have him arrested and jailed for having repeated a crime that had not yet been determined to be a crime. In fact, all Dan Park had done was to republish an article anyone could read by clicking on to Dispatch International.

But worse was to come a few days later, when prosecutor Magnus Pettersson asked the court to force Dan Park to undergo a psychiatric examination – seemingly based on the contention that the unfortunate artist’s action might be ascribed to clinical insanity.

In other words, we have a crime that has not been determined to be a crime. We have a repeat offense that may not be an offense because there may not have been a crime in the first place and on this basis the representative of the Swedish state has a man put in prison and forced to have his head examined.

There is every indication that Dan Park’s real crime is to have offended against Sweden’s prevailing state ideology that mass immigration is an unquestionable boon to the country and that only lunatics could think otherwise."

Mand bag London bomberne starter islamisk skole

This comes after disclosure of Islamist plan "trojan horse" to take over UK schools to breed next-gen jihadis...

"A terror suspect who trained the ringleader of the 7/7 terrorist bombings in London has beenallowed to set up an Islamic primary school, teaching children as young as three, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

As a member of a banned extremist group, Sajeel Shahid, 38, called for violence against British troops and ran a training camp in Pakistan where known terrorists learned how to make bombs and fire rocket- propelled grenades.

One of his ‘graduates’ was Mohammed Siddique Khan, who led the gang of four suicide bombers on the deadliest terrorist attack ever committed in Britain, killing 52 people on the London Underground and a bus on July 7, 2005."

England:42 procent af indsatte i specialfængsler er muslimer
"A top-security prison where almost half the inmates are Muslims is a breeding ground for Islamic extremists, experts warned last night.

The Sunday People reveals that category A Whitemoor jail, where terror fanatics are serving life ­sentences for plotting mass murder in the UK, is a recruiting centre for al Qaeda, ­according to alarmed staff, prison ­inspectors and politicians.

An astonishing 42 per cent of ­convicts at the prison near March, Cambs, ­follow the Islamic faith.

The figure is in stark contrast to the overall UK population in which just five per cent are Muslim.

Violent jihadists in Whitemoor are recruiting vulnerable inmates , pressurising them into converting to Islam before joining terrorist groups, the Government has been warned.

One prison officers’ union source said: “Whitemoor is now effectively run by Muslims, many of whom are Jihadis.”

Other top-security prisons are not far behind, with 33 per cent Muslim inmates at Belmarsh in south-east London and 20 per cent at Full Sutton near York and Long Lartin, Worcs."

Sweitz: Islamisk organisation underviser unge i at dræbe og prædke jihad
Billede indsat i tekst 1
(Cendrim R. grew up in Brugg AG. He killed three people in an attack in Turkey)
"I is the first time that a yung man who grew up in Switzerland ihas been named publiclycommitting an attack in the name of Allah. But Cendrim R. is not the only one who moved from Switzerland to join jihad...

Islam expert Hamed Abdel- Samad know what type of people get fascinated by radical Islam: " These are young people who have never done anything in their lives ". "They become member of an Islamist group, learn how to spread the radical ideas -  and how to kill "...

Experts warn of the growing influence of Salafi organizations in Switzerland, such as the Islamic Central. This creates "a space for radicalization," says Lorenzo Vidino, a researcher at ETH Zurich on radical Muslims in Switzerland.

In fact, the number of Salafists is growing steadily. Police estimates that there are 150 radical Muslims in the canton of St. Gallen alone, who are strictly oriented towards Islam, including a large group of Salafists from Albania and Macedonia. The group is under police observation.

The Swiss Salafists have a much interaction with like-minded people from abroad. "I 'm surprised how often radical preachers spread their message in Swiss mosques," says Vidino. The Salafists are acting very clever.

"On the outside, they are the good guys, but they play a game. On the inside, they have relationships with militant people."

Obama overgiver internettet til islamcontrolerede FN

One analytic claim that this is the worst thing Obama has done in foreign policy by far. This could lead to serious trouble: On Friday, March 14th, at 3:30pm, the Obama administration announced that America was surrendering control to the UN over key aspects of the Internet (control that America had because we built it in the first place). Unfortunately, the largest voting bloc in the UN is the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a Saudi-dominated bloc of 57 nations that has waged an aggressive campaign against free speech, freedom of the press and free expression.

"The latest foreign policy blunder by the Obama administration is by far the worst of his administration, and will cause lasting damage to U.S. interests and freedom in general. ...

It's the decision to relinquish control over Internet domain names. As of next year, by Obama administration fiat, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) will no longer be in charge. Instead control will pass to some other international body--most likely, L. Gordon Crovitz points out in today's Wall Street Journal, the UN's International Telecommunication Union (ITU), favored by the world's tyrants.

Like almost everything at the UN, the ITU is controlled by authoritarian regimes such as Russia and China, who marshal voting blocs of unfree countries to drown out free ones. These are countries that want to be able to shut down their citizens' access to the Internet, and to prevent online activism of various kinds. U.S-controlled Icann is the last defense against the kind of censorship and repression that would entrench their power indefinitely.

Why is the Obama administration giving up control over the Internet's domain names? For one reason alone: it is embarrassed by the NSA scandal, and wishes to make amends."

Halla-tourisme i New Zealand

"High-level government, tourism and academic professionals from New Zealand and overseas will gather in Hamilton at the end of April to discuss the potential and development of halal tourism in New Zealand.

The inaugural symposium, to be held at the Novotel Tainui Hotel on Wednesday April 30, is a new initiative put together by the University of Waikato’s Institute for Business Research in collaboration with the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ)"

Franske og Belgiske jihadister i Syrien: Stolte a massemord