torsdag den 12. december 2013

Muslimer i Europa: 65% foretrækker sharia fremfor demokrati, 75% mener Koranen skal tages bogstaveligt ...!

If you can, please send to your local newspaper this letter to the editor (let me know if you do):
"A fresh study into religious fundamentalism involving 9,000 Muslims in different EU countries shows that the amount of Muslims prefering sharia to democracy is not a tiny minority. 65 percent of Muslims in the research stated that religious laws are more important than secular law. Moreover, 75 percent of them claims that there is only one interpretation of the Quran (the literal), and that the Quran is binding for all Muslims. One only have to read the Quran to know the values of the majority of Muslims in our contries."

(Question 1: "[Need to] return to the roots [of Islam]
Question 2: "Only one true interpretation [of Islam] that is binding"
Question 3: "Religious laws are more important than secular laws"
Question 4: "Agree with all three statements")

(Question 1: "Want no homosexual friends"
Question 2: "Jews can't be trusted"
Question 3: "West out to destroy Muslims"
Question 4: "Agree with all three statements")

"A new study into religious fundamentalism has just been published in Berlin. 9000 people of a Turkish or Moroccan background in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Sweden were studied. They were compared to a indigenous control group of Christians. The same questions were asked, substituting the name of the religion in each case. As you can see, 65% of the Muslims said religious laws were more important than secular laws. 75% said there was only one possible interpretation of the Koran that was binding on all Muslims.

The study includes Alevites, counting them as Muslims. Their support for fundamentalism was far lower, so they actually make the overall figures seem less extreme than they would otherwise be."

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