søndag den 24. november 2013

Canadisk politi søger religiøs rådgive om, hvordan man designer sharia-kompatibel uniform ...

If you live in Canada, send an email to the police and inform them about what the sharia is...

"The Edmonton Police Service is hoping to attract more Muslim women into the force by incorporating the scarf into its uniform.
“We’ve developed a prototype that we’re currently consulting with the community to be able to identify what we need to do to ensure that we’re respecting both religious and cultural practices, as well as ensuring that we have officer safety when we incorporate the head scarf into the police uniform,” said Natasha Goudar, Manager of the Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Unit (EDHRU) with the EPS."


And... Canadian kindergarden teachers in full head gear (what about the important eye contact and facial mimics that are suppossed to be the basis for teaching children empathy?):

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