onsdag den 1. januar 2014

Belgien politi: mindst 4.000 EU-borgere uddannet til jihad i Syrien, Irak og Somalia ...


What is going to happen when those thousands of battle hardened jihadis return to Europe...? My suggestion: At least get a pepper spray.

"According to a Belgian intelligence source, 'Al Qaeda has between 4000 and 5000 jihadist combatants with Schengen country passports deployed in Syria'.

Belgium calculates that around 200 people with Belgian passports are or have been fighting in Syria, of whom around 20 have died and between 120 and 140 are still fighting in the Arab country, according to Le Soir.

Somalia also continues to attract Belgian combatants and it is known that they have acted in Kenya, given that Belgian sent an investigative commission to interrogate three Belgian nationals arrested in connection with the attack on a shopping centre in Nairobi and who were 'en route' to Mogadishu."

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