onsdag den 15. januar 2014

Danske politikere dropper åbning af moské


But Mosque leader assures that tax payers will pay for running the mosque...

"Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for culture, Carl Christian Ebbesen (DF), will not attend the opening of Denmark’s largest mosque in May.
The mosque is being built on Rovsingsgade in Østerbro using a 150 million kroner grant from the former ruling emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. ...

“It is very disappointing that Copenhagen has allowed the construction of a monument that represents deeply conservative Islamic beliefs,” Ebbesen told Politiken newspaper.
“It will be used by deeply religious people who live and breathe for the Koran’s message..." ...

The building on Rovsgingsgade will also house a fitness centre and media centre, as well as a culture centre with facilities for children and the elderly.
Speaking to Berlingske, Al Maimouni says the funding from Qatar only covers the cost of constructing the mosque and that the additional funds may have be sought from the City Council."

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