lørdag den 4. januar 2014

England: Politiet stoppede ikke muslimske gruppevoldtægter, fordi de var bange for at være racistisk ...


"‘Colour blind’ social workers couldn’t see glaring racial clues to Rochdale sex abuse

An obsession with being “colour blind” left social workers and police in Rochdale unable to see glaring evidence of sexual grooming under their noses, official inquiry finds

A 'dangerous' inability to recognise the importance of race meant social workers and police missed glaring warning signs about a gang of Pakistani men grooming white girls for sex in Rochdale, an official inquiry has concluded.

An obsession with being 'colour blind' meant they failed even to notice the pattern of abuse going on under their noses, it found.

Although they carefully documented a spate of young white girls from troubled backgrounds in relationships with older men from a community they rarely otherwise mixed with, no one questioned what was going on, it said."

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