onsdag den 5. marts 2014

De Arabiske Emirater og Tyrkiet kan snart begynde at strømme ind i EU uden Visa

a) UAE and Colombia

Two of the 9-11 highjackers were from United Arab Emirates, and Colombia is the world's leading producer of cocaine. Now they can fly right into our countries without being checked through a visa-procedure:

"The Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament, has ratified the agreement between the Parliament and the Greek Presidency of the European Union, on amending the regulations to exempt citizens of the United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Peru and 15 other Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean countries from the requirement of obtaining visa to enter into the unified visa zone of 'Schengen'."

b) Turkey
Black mailing: Turkey continues to let illegal Muslim immigrants into Europe, and euro-salafists into Syria for terror-training - unless EU allows Turks visa-free travelling to Europe...
"The European parliament has given a green light to a readmission agreement between Turkey and the EU. The agreement, signed in December, calls for the Turkish government to receive on its territory any expelled, illegal immigrants - whether Turkish nationals or from other countries - that have illicitly entered the EU-28 from a Turkish border. ...

Ankara's position is also clear: cooperation on illegal immigration to the EU proceeds hand-in-hand with negotiations for the liberalization of visas for Turkish nationals in the Schengen area, beginning from the signing of the agreement."

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