fredag den 7. marts 2014

Det afrikanske pres på europæriske grænser, når nye højder
 "Huge assault on Spanish border 'biggest ever' ...

Police stopped more than 1,600 migrants trying to cross the border from Morocco into the Spanish territory of Ceuta on Tuesday, an official said. ...

"None managed to cross," the official said. One group turned back after seeing that others had failed to make it across, he added, without giving further details.

Across the Strait of Gibraltar from mainland Spain and surrounded by Moroccan territory, the coastal cities of Melilla and Ceuta have the European Union's only land borders with Africa.

They are seen as stepping stones for African migrants desperate to reach Europe. ...

On Friday, more than 200 migrants stormed across a triple-layer border fence into Spain's other north African territory, Melilla, in what Spanish authorities said was one of the largest such crossings in years."

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