lørdag den 29. marts 2014

Engelsk borgmester priser pakistanere ved at hejst deres flag i by der er kendt for pakistanske børnevoldtægter

(Google search on - Rochdale grooming)

Billede indsat i tekst 1
(Local dhimmis fishing for Muslim votes...)

Billede indsat i tekst 2
(Up goes Pakistan's flag to honor the Rochdale's Pakistanis and their home country's shift from British rule to sharia...)

Billede indsat i tekst 3
(Local voters...)
 "Mr Shahzad was also thankful to Rochdale Council and local councillors for supporting the flag raising every year. He added: 'I have to thank the Mayor for coming along and raising the flag and the council for their support every year. People come to this event and it really brings everyone together.'

MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk said: 'It is great that we have so many people of Pakistani origin in Rochdale, not only in the community but in the business community as well. It is a pleasure to be here today.'"

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