mandag den 17. marts 2014

England: Dreng forbudt at bære armbånd til minde om Lee Rigly, da det kunne fornærme andre

How can it be offencive to honor a man who had his head cut off in broad daylight...? It can, if you are afraid go offend the Muslims who think such an act is justified...
"A teacher allegedly ordered a 10-year-old boy to take off his Help for Heroes wristband because it could cause offence.

Tracy Tew was shocked when her son Charlie was put on a report card at Maldon Primary School in Essex after he refused to take off the charity rubber bracelet sold to honour injured soldiers.

Charlie wears the wristband - bought at the Colchester Military Festival - in honour of murdered solider Lee Rigby and service personnel in his family, including his great-granddad and uncle."

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