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København: Hundrede af islamister på gaden i København




It looks like something in the Middle East, but this is Nørrebro in Copenhagen 2014 (click here for more JW-stories on Nørrebro). The black flag is actually a war banner, showing that non-Muslims here must be fought until Sharia governs. The white flag is the flag of the caliphate, which is used where Sharia is ruling and democracy is considered blasphemy.

Video with a lot of Allahu akbaring...:

"A large group of people demonstrated at Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Women and children were walking in the back.

“Who decides?” shouts a man in a megaphone.

“Allah!” answer about 500 demonstrators.

And so it goes:

“Who gives victory?”


“Who gives life?”


“Who takes life?”


“Who should legislate?”


This Friday a gender-segregated demonstration paraded from Nørrebro station to St. Hans Torv in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, where they arrived about five o’clock. The occasion: Muslims are “slaughtered” in Africa, according to the organizers…

People are also shouting slightly aggressive slogans. Further back, among the scarf-clad women, the mood is more relaxed, he said.

It is the Islamic organization Hizb-ut-Tahrir that has organized the demonstration. …

Women and children are at the back with black and white flags with Arabic letters. In the front, a car is driving and people are yelling the slogans from there.

According to Hizb-ut-Tahrir, many Muslims are being killed in Africa, with nothing being done. They refer in particular to the Central African Republic, where Muslims are indeed being killed in large numbers in a very brutal way.

And if one is to understand the slogans of demonstrators in Nørrebro, then the solution to the problem that is Sharia law."

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