torsdag den 6. marts 2014

Red Sverige

Dear friends
Sweden are importing houndreds of thousands of Muslims these years. The daily shootings, regular bombings, thousands of yearly rapes, lawless cities etc. is already happening, and it is difficult to imagine Sweden as a peaceful, safe country in 2020.

My Best Friend suggested to write the prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and minister of integration Tobias Billström. Here is what my Friend suggested:

Ask them not to repeat a mistake that has proven catastrophic everywhere. Write in your own language and point out their incredible pride and ignorance thinking that they can make something work that already failed in Sweden and the rest of Europe. Due to Schengen and the bridge to Denmark, their policy is also a security risk to the rest of the continent.

Here is what I wrote (translated to English):

"To Tobias Billström
How do you think Sweden will look in 20 years with your weak integration policy and catastrophic immigration policy? How can you be so proud and think, that Sweden will accomplish, what nobody else in history managed: succesful integration of Muslims? What you are doing is a security risk not only to Swedes but to all the Nordic countries. History will show that you are the one who changed Sweden forever and made Sweden a security risk to all of Schengen."

Contact data:
Tobias Billström, Minister of Migration

Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister

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