søndag den 23. marts 2014

Sverige: Fyrer lærer for at være medlem af anti-islamisk parti

"Sweden Dem teacher let go after student revolt ...

An English-language school has heeded the concerns of its pupils, after a student uprising against a new teacher at the multinational school who is also active in the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party."

Students quickly made us aware that they had misgivings about his suitability," Internationella Engelska Skolan, located on Södermalm in Stockholm, said in an official statement on its website on Monday.
"We had a thoughtful and eloquent communication from students detailing that they would not feel safe if this subsitute were to start teaching with us," school spokesman Jonathan Howell told The Local. 
"Of course we take student views very seriously and it is important that our students feel safe and secure at school."
The Nyheter24 newspaper spoke to the student who first alerted her classmates to the new teacher's political affiliation by tweeting about her outrage.
"We're an international school with big diversity in terms of ethnicity, culture, and religion where we all respect each other," student Julia Cagan told Nyheter 24. "Therefore I took for granted that something like this would never happen in our school".
The teacher in question, Anton Stigermark, said he was surprised by the decision to let him go. 

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