tirsdag den 4. marts 2014

Voldtøgtsbølge: 10% af norges kvinder er blevet voldtaget.


All rapes the last five years in Oslo was committed by immigrants. A leading police officer says that they come from countries with "a different view on women"...

"The survey of 2435 women and 2092 men, carried out by the National Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS), found that 9.4 percent of women in the country reported having been raped, compared with 1.1 percent of men. ...

According to the survey, 49 percent of the women who reported being raped said that the attack had taken place before they were 18 years old...

Only eleven percent of those who had been raped reported it or underwent any medical examination, with a third of victims never telling anyone what happened.

'One of the reasons why so few choose to report is that victims say that it is no use,' Ole Kristian Hjemdal from NKVTS told VG. 'It's a hidden problem.'"

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