onsdag den 2. april 2014

Europæriske muslimer skal vise deres vær ved at halshugge vantro i slagtehuse for mennesker

Deutsche Salafisten in Syrien: Islamisten planen offenbar Anschlag . Selbsternannte Dschihadisten der Al-Nusra-Front nahe Aleppo. Auch junge Deutsche reisen nach Syrien um die Rebellen zu unterstützen (Quelle: Reuters)

"The Bremen prosecutor is working on a case against four suspected Syrian Salafists. They are suspected of "preparing for a serious subversive crime" reports Spiegel. Meanwhile, cruel details about alleged introduction rituals for Jihadis in "slaughter houses" have come to light. ...

Foreign fighters are forced to cut the throat of prisoners in order to prove themselves as real jihadists. 

Some Islamic groups in the Syrian civil war keps prisoners of war in the so-called slaughterhouses."

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