onsdag den 2. april 2014

Sverige fængsler og tvangsbehandler tegneserietegner for at gøre grin med deres politiske korrekthed


Billede indsat i tekst 2
(Dan Park, now in prison and under psychiatric examination for making fun of political correctness)

"This is the second time Mr. Park has had to answer for denigration. Among his most recent crimes is to have displayed a sign with the text ”Zigenarbrott är något gott” (”Gypsy crime is fine”) and a picture of three African heads with a noose around their neck. The text reads: ”Hang-on Afrofobians”.

According to the prosecutor, this must be seen as clear encouragement to lynch blacks. Dan Park has a different explanation: It is a satirical presentation of reality, precisely because – contrary to claims that Sweden is full of ”Afrophobes” – people of color are not persecuted in Sweden. There are no blacks hanging from the trees in Malmö. Nonetheless the spokesman for the Swedish Afroförbundet (The Association of Africans) claims that Africans are being grievously hounded. This is the hypocrisy Dan Park says he has tried to expose.

Exposure of hypocrisy was also the intention behind the text about Gypsy crime being fine. It is a fine thing for those on the politically correct left whose aim is to benefit by presenting gypsies as unjustly maligned and thus playing the victimization card. ...

Dan Park republished DI’s article on the same day, which caused the prosecutor to have him arrested and jailed for having repeated a crime that had not yet been determined to be a crime. In fact, all Dan Park had done was to republish an article anyone could read by clicking on to Dispatch International.

But worse was to come a few days later, when prosecutor Magnus Pettersson asked the court to force Dan Park to undergo a psychiatric examination – seemingly based on the contention that the unfortunate artist’s action might be ascribed to clinical insanity.

In other words, we have a crime that has not been determined to be a crime. We have a repeat offense that may not be an offense because there may not have been a crime in the first place and on this basis the representative of the Swedish state has a man put in prison and forced to have his head examined.

There is every indication that Dan Park’s real crime is to have offended against Sweden’s prevailing state ideology that mass immigration is an unquestionable boon to the country and that only lunatics could think otherwise."

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