lørdag den 4. januar 2014

Indonesisk selvmordsbombere ud for at dræbe buddhister


Luckily, the Buddhists had the karma to be protected by the police. The scary part is that Muslims in completely other countries tries to kill Buddhists for what is going on in Burma...

"The six terrorist suspects gunned down in a lengthy standoff with counterterrorism officers on the outskirts of Jakarta on New Year’s Eve were planning a series of suicide bombings ...

'They were planning suicide bombings, attacks on police stations, fund-raising efforts [through armed robberies] and the targeting of houses of worship such as Buddhist temples,' he said.

'The data we’ve recovered show several temples were on their radar, including two that they had already marked out.'

He did not elaborate on the temples in question, but said Buddhist targets were chosen because of the suspected militants’ sympathy for the plight of the Rohingya, a mainly Muslim ethnic group in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar that has come under violent persecution in recent years."

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