lørdag den 4. januar 2014

Thailandske øjenvidne rapporterer fra frontlinjen:

"Some of the 'injured' are blind, or without legs or arms; or all of that. At least one child I know of has no lower jaw. Pretty girls no longer have faces. Once-strong and vibrant young men sit in wheelchairs. The word “injured” doesn’t do justice to the condition of many who survived and who sometimes wish they had not.

In 2013 the Thai police and military hit back and killed 51 Muslim terrorists, often after being ambushed while escorting teachers, students and monks to and from their homes and temples.

Uncounted are the empty shops, homes, schools, farms and temples as thousands of families left it all behind to move north where Muslims have not yet reached that magic demographic of ten percent of the population; which is where the serious violence seems to start in Thailand anyway.

The exodus of Buddhists from the southern provinces continues."

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