mandag den 13. januar 2014

Tyrkiet hjælper Euro-salafisterne med at drage til Syrien for at træne jihad

Turkey wants to Islamize Europe so of course the let Euro-salafists enter Syria to get some training before they return to EU. I suggest we build a wall on the Turkish border and cancel the citizenship of any confirmed euro-salafist. And if EU had any balls they would drag Turiey to court.

"In the ranks of the Islamic state, Yassine came across combatants of all nationalities. "Gulf countries, Yemen, Egypt, the Maghreb, Great Britain, France, Belgium… Lots of 'eurosalafists', 'white converts...'

The routed jihadist combatants are more and more numerous in the provinces of Antakya and Urfa. Especially in the Turkish border towns, in Kilis or Reyhanli, whose population has tripled since the start of the war and which serve as a rear base. European chancelleries are assailed by telephone calls from families with no news.

At the same time, volunteers continue to arrive. The employee of Hatay airport is formal. Every morning, small groups of foreign combatants disembark in the province of Istanbul. 'Sometimes three or four, sometimes more. The other day, thirty came from Germany," declares this man who underlines that "the Turkish authorities could easily prevent them disembarking.' But three days ago, all the border zones were recaptured by the Free Syrian Army and the passage from Turkey to the front is now much more complicated for the jihadists.'

...Some hotels occupied by the refugees serve as rallying points for the jihadists who are stopping in Reyhanli... Further on, we come across two foreign combatants, who are entering a bank. on croise deux combattants étrangers, qui entrent dans une agence bancaire.

...The two men are British and want to leave Reyhanli 'as quickly as possible', after three weeks spent wandering the region. They've come to the bank, which apparently sees dozens like them pass through, to pick up the money sent by their relatives to pay for the return ticket to London. 'We couldn't get into Syria,' says the youngest of them in perfect English. 'The crossings are too complicated at the moment.' Before admitting: 'We were in contact with the Turkish humanitarian organisation IHH. They were going to get us through the border in an ambulance but it didn't work out.'"

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