mandag den 13. januar 2014

Srilankansk leder: Muslimer kan ikke leve i en buddhistisk kultur

A Buddhist monk from the
(Buddhists on Sri Lanka demonstrating against halal)

"'This is a Buddhist nation, so why are they trying to call it a multicultural society?' said Galagoda Atte Gnanasara, the 37-year-old pulpit-pounding monk who co-founded the group in 2012. 'Not everyone can live under the umbrella of a Buddhist culture.' ...

'The secret to my popularity is that I speak the truth,' he said in an interview held within the Bodu Bala Sena headquarters, in a Buddhist cultural centre set among twisted tree trunks and a lush jungle canopy near Colombo, the capital.

Gnanasara said there are 'extremist forces trying to create divisions, buy our lands, marry our wives and recruit our children. The same thing happened in Malaysia, the Maldives and Bangladesh - all now Muslim countries. The same thing may happen in Sri Lanka if we're not careful.'"

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