fredag den 14. marts 2014

BBC programmet "free speech" cencurerer spørgsmål om islam efter pres fra moske

"The BBC was accused of censorship on Thursday after its BBC3 debate show Free Speech dropped a question about being Muslim and gay at the request of the mosque where it was being filmed.

The live show, hosted by Rick Edwards and featuring a panel including government minister and Lib Dem peer Susan Kramer, broadcast a pre-recorded question by Asifa Lahore, self-described as Britain's "first and only gay Muslim drag queen" who asked: "One question I would like to ask the Muslim community is, when will it be right to be Muslim and gay?"

Edwards, who introduced the programme as "the show which makes your voice heard in the national conversation", interrupted before any of the panel or studio audience had a chance to respond, saying the question had been dropped in response to the concerns of Birmingham Central Mosque."

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