fredag den 14. marts 2014

England: Næste generation af bøne-jihad-krigere

"Two young brothers could be taken into care after their mother warned they were being radicalised with extremist Islamist views by her estranged husband, the High Court was told.

The youngsters, aged just 11 and 12, have said they want to be “jihadists” when they grow up and have also declared that they hate “England and Christians”, the mother claimed.

One of the boys cried as he told his mother, who lives in London and is English, that he could not love her as she was “going to hell” because she was not Muslim.

The mother said her sons had told her that their views had come from their father, a Libyan who had lived in England for a long time and was a British citizen, but who was also 'an overly controlling, Islamic fundamentalist'."

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