lørdag den 29. marts 2014

Dårlig opdragelse blandt muslimer skader indlæring


This article should be understood in conjunction with a previeous study by Rockwool Foundation that shows that 64 percent of boys with Arab back ground in Copenhagen is illiterate. It is common knowledge within the science of psychology that inadequate communication between parents and baby also harms development of empathy and ability to adjust socially and inhibit egotistical impulses. Lack of parental skills - and not just inbreeding - may explain quite a lot of that behaviour that has arrived with Muslim immigration.

"Aarhus University, in collaboration with Rockwool Foundation and the City of Copenhagen conducted a comprehensive study of how students are performing in education. And the results show that especially the bilingual boys who have problems and drops out.

Relatively many young people choose to start an education after primary school. And most monolingual and bilingual girls and most monolingual boys are studying or have completed their education 4.5 years after they completed primary school. The dropout rate for these groups is approx. 25 percent, while 46 percent of bilingual boys drop out.

Research show that personal and social skills decides whether a student complete or drop out of an education. It also shows that bilingual boys have much poorer reading skills than the other students. The problem seems to be rooted in a lack of basic language skills.

Copenhagen Municipality's own studies indicate that for some groups of bilingual boys the cause for poor language skills is to be found in the first years of life, and has to do with inadequate linguistic and pre-linguistic communication between parents and their children."

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