lørdag den 29. marts 2014

Så kan engelske skolebørn igen få gris på gaflen


"When Brinsworth Junior and Infant schools banned pork from the menus – under the guise of inclusivity, really meaning pander to Muslim wishes – the thousands of patriots of Britain First were not going to sit back without a whisper.

All of our children have a right to enjoy traditional English pork dishes – a fine pork roast, sausages, bacon, gammon, the pig is a part of our culinary heritage and culture. Well over 3,000 patriots complained, and we told you what was going to happen before it did.

First patriot pressure resulted in assurances that all halal dishes would be labelled as such.

Not good enough!

The campaign continued, more and more complaints bombarded those who would deny children the right to eat pork.

Now, just as we predicted, the schools have caved in and pork is back on the menu – we were even right down to the fact that the schools would claim this was part of an ongoing review and inclusivity.

A spokesman for school governors is quoted as saying: 'Having sought the views of parents, our school lunch menus will provide pork dishes alongside both halal and non-halal options, which is inclusive to all of our children.'"

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