lørdag den 29. marts 2014

Tyskland: fjernede udstillingsgris efter trusler fra muslimer


"Butchers removes cardboard pigs from showcase after Muslim protests
Wegen solcher Deko-Schweine kam es für einige Metzger zur Auseinandersetzungen mit jungen oder auch älteren Muslimen.

COLOGNE - They are knee high, pink and made of cardboard - nevertheless decorative pigs in Cologne butcher shops have caused trouble. Pork is for the butcher what bread to the baker. And to draw attention to weekly deals, many butchers use them for advertising purposes.
In several butcher shops in Cologne, such pink pigs became "insulting pigs", and the result was spitting on the windows, insults and threats.

What had happened? Young Muslims came by the butcher shops and cursed the owners regularly. 'They always came in a larger group. They cursed and said that they as Muslims felt provoked by the pig. They came into the shop get and offended us viciously. In the end, we had to give up,' says one of the affected butchers who wants to remain anonymous out of fear."

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