lørdag den 29. marts 2014

EU til Danmark: Straf anti-muslimer, især bloggere


EU wants to criminalize criticism of their main method to disolute national identity in order to impose a super-national European identity and submission to The Commission: Muslim immigration.

"Although in recent years there have been several Danes who have been convicted for racist or hateful statements, it is not enough.

This is the opinion of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muiznieks, which has produced a critical report on the situation in a number of areas in Denmark.

'- The Danish authorities should take strong stance against all racist and xenophobic statements in the political debate and create awareness about free speech restrictions under international standards,' he said.

Muiznieks is aware that Denmark has a proud tradition of free speech, he says. However, there should be more prosecutions against people who speak hatefully in the public domain, said the Commissioner.

'- Dissemination of racist and anti-Muslim opinions through social media and blogs are particularly worrying developments,' he said.

General Counsel in Cepos Jacob Mchangama believe that modern social media is something to cherish and not to pick on. A Commissioner for Human Rights should protect freedom of expression, rather than limiting it, he says.

'- It is strange that he believes that we should punish more people who just state their opinion, says Jacob Mchangama."

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