tirsdag den 1. april 2014

Danmark: 41 % af alle somaliske mænd blev dømt i 2012


The amount of convictions among Muslims in Denmark is shocking. The victims are most often non-Muslims, unless it involves women or rivaling gangs. The Islamic tide of violence in our countries are building up fast, and our children will be faced with choices that no civilized human being wish to make.

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"The number of immigrants and their descendants from non -Western countries who have been convicted of crimes have risen sharply: There is an increase of 28.6 percent in the period 2007 - 2012. It mainly concerns people from Somalia , Iraq and Lebanon. ...

While Somalis are the ones who receive far the highest social benefits in Denmark, around 20,000 USD per person per year, it is also the Somalis who has the highest crime rate.

According to Statistics Denmark, 41 percent of all Somali men aged 15-79 years convicted of crime in 2012. ...

At the same time, the Somali men are at the very bottom in terms of employment. Thus, 69 percent of all Somali men aged 16-64 years did not have a job in 2012. ...

A total of 34 percent of all men from Lebanon, or a total of 2021, were convicted of crime in 2012. ... the same goes 31 percent of all Moroccan men ... 27 percent of all men from former Yogoslavia, and 26 percent of Iraqi, Iranian and Afghan men."

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