tirsdag den 1. april 2014

England: Autoriteter undgår at anmelde æresdrab af frygt for racisme

It is new to me that there is an industry - bounty hunters and contract killers - around Islamic family honor.

"Honour-based violence is a form of domestic abuse which occurs when victims, mainly women, are punished, very often by their relatives, if they bring shame upon their families.

Claire Phillipson from Wearside Women in Need said that while the number of people approaching her for help is alarming, what is more worrying is the number who are not.

"I have no doubt that all over the North East [England] first, second, third generation English young women are being forced into marriage," Phillipson said.

"Schools and communities are keeping silent about it, because they are concerned that they would be called racist, islamophobic," she continued. "They don't quite know where the line between culture, religion and human rights should be drawn."

According to Domestic Violence London, the abuse is not only perpetrated by men: "Sometimes female relatives will support, incite or assist" the organisation said.

"It is also not unusual for younger relatives to be selected to undertake the abuse as a way to protect senior members of the family. Sometimes contract killers and bounty hunters will also be employed.""

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