fredag den 11. april 2014

Dansk statestik: Muslimer langt mere kriminelle

Former chief of Danish Statistics concludes that immigrants from countries with Buddhist culture are much more easy to integrate than Muslim immigrants. Besides the violent jihad, political jihad and demographic jihad, I think it is fair to speak of welfare jihad: Muslims' destruction of Western societies by draining their welfare systems by systematical fraud and unending demands for social benefits - or jizya as it is called in the Quran (Muslims' right to get money through tax paid by non-Muslims).

a) Crime index for men in Denmark aged 15-79:
Billede indsat i tekst 5

b) Employment index for Danes and immigrants


Danes: 73 percent

Thailand: 63 percent.

Vietnam: 61 percent.

China: 56 percent.

Turkey: 51 percent.

Pakistan: 49 percent.

Iraq: 34 percent.

Lebanon: 32 percent.

Somalia: 27 percent."

c) 2nd generation 218 percent more criminal than 1st generation (Muslim) immigrants

"The statistics shows that 24 percent of the 20-29 year old male descendants of non-Western immigrants was found guilty of one or more crimes in 2012. The corresponding figure for first generation immigrants and persons of Danish origin were respectively 11 and 10 per cent."

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