fredag den 11. april 2014

Ytringsfrihed i Canada: 9 måneders fængsel for at fornærme islam

If there is anything that should be prosecuted for hate, it should be the Quran. You are invited to write letters to Canadian newspapers. You are welcome to feel inspired by my letter to The Star - but please use your own words: "Sir, the court's decision to jail Eric Brazau for insulting Islam and Muslims is shocking and a direct attack on the human right of free speech. What the Quran says about non-Muslims, and orders Muslims to do to us, is far more hateful and violent than anything mr. Brazau said or wrote, which is the reason why Islam is the only religion that makes its followers increasingly violent, the more they practise their faith. While spreading the misogynic, intolerant and violent message of Muhammed is legal, warning against it is not. We live in mad times."

Billede indsat i tekst 1
(Eric Brazau, free speech activist)

Billede indsat i tekst 2
(Eric Brazau, carrying a sign quoting the Quran 4:34, that orders Muslim husbands to beat their disobedient wifes)

Billede indsat i tekst 3
(Eric Brazau making fun of funny Muslim dresses)

Billede indsat i tekst 4
(Eric Brazau being arrested)

"Protester gets 9 months for promoting hatred against Muslims ... Brazau handed out the flyer, which contained many offensive references to Islam and Muslims, in August and September 2012. While distributing it, Brazau sometimes yelled obscenities about Islam 'in a tone of voice that suggested he was very angry and had little interest in debate,' Clements said."

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