onsdag den 2. april 2014

England:42 procent af indsatte i specialfængsler er muslimer

"A top-security prison where almost half the inmates are Muslims is a breeding ground for Islamic extremists, experts warned last night.

The Sunday People reveals that category A Whitemoor jail, where terror fanatics are serving life ­sentences for plotting mass murder in the UK, is a recruiting centre for al Qaeda, ­according to alarmed staff, prison ­inspectors and politicians.

An astonishing 42 per cent of ­convicts at the prison near March, Cambs, ­follow the Islamic faith.

The figure is in stark contrast to the overall UK population in which just five per cent are Muslim.

Violent jihadists in Whitemoor are recruiting vulnerable inmates , pressurising them into converting to Islam before joining terrorist groups, the Government has been warned.

One prison officers’ union source said: “Whitemoor is now effectively run by Muslims, many of whom are Jihadis.”

Other top-security prisons are not far behind, with 33 per cent Muslim inmates at Belmarsh in south-east London and 20 per cent at Full Sutton near York and Long Lartin, Worcs."

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