onsdag den 2. april 2014

Sweitz: Islamisk organisation underviser unge i at dræbe og prædke jihad

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(Cendrim R. grew up in Brugg AG. He killed three people in an attack in Turkey)
"I is the first time that a yung man who grew up in Switzerland ihas been named publiclycommitting an attack in the name of Allah. But Cendrim R. is not the only one who moved from Switzerland to join jihad...

Islam expert Hamed Abdel- Samad know what type of people get fascinated by radical Islam: " These are young people who have never done anything in their lives ". "They become member of an Islamist group, learn how to spread the radical ideas -  and how to kill "...

Experts warn of the growing influence of Salafi organizations in Switzerland, such as the Islamic Central. This creates "a space for radicalization," says Lorenzo Vidino, a researcher at ETH Zurich on radical Muslims in Switzerland.

In fact, the number of Salafists is growing steadily. Police estimates that there are 150 radical Muslims in the canton of St. Gallen alone, who are strictly oriented towards Islam, including a large group of Salafists from Albania and Macedonia. The group is under police observation.

The Swiss Salafists have a much interaction with like-minded people from abroad. "I 'm surprised how often radical preachers spread their message in Swiss mosques," says Vidino. The Salafists are acting very clever.

"On the outside, they are the good guys, but they play a game. On the inside, they have relationships with militant people."

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